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Our custom online surveys offer tremendous flexibility, power and security because we use a combination of HTML, JavaScript, ASP, and a server side backend database secured with SSL technology. Ouch! All this jargon is explained below.

The incorporation of JavaScript allows us to control certain aspects of the look and feel of a questionnaire, improving the overall aesthetic through the use of fancier radio buttons, sliding scales, progress bars and other visually pleasing elements. The result is a more interesting survey and more engaged respondents.

ASP, or Active Server Pages, is a scripting language that gives us the ability to add sophisticated functionality to surveys including questionnaire flow, skip logic, order of questions, rotations, randomizations and other logic.

ASP is a new standard in web programming because it is more powerful and easier to use than other scripting languages, which in turn, saves our clients time and money.

Online security is provided by 128-bit SSL data encryption - the same level of security provided by banks to protect credit information.