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Abacus Bridge  is an independent, Canadian owned company offering data collection and tabulation services for the purpose of research only. We do not try to sell or promote any product or service offered by any company, organization or government, and we pledge to uphold the codes of conduct for the privacy and security of information as outlined by the Marketing Research Society (USA), European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (Europe) and the Professional Marketing Research Society (Canada).

The Abacus Bridge survey site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information  provided to us by survey respondents.

The following list of principles summarize the ideas enshrined in the PMRS Code of Conduct and is a good synopsis of the principles that Abacus Bridge is dedicated to upholding:

Principle 1: Consent
Contact with members of the public is at all times to be undertaken with their consent and with observance of their right to withdraw at any time.

Principle 2: Public Confidence
Members should act in a manner that serves to promote and augment, not diminish, the confidence of the public in research in general.

Principle 3: Publicís Right To Privacy
The use of research data should extend only to those purposes for which consent was received. The publicís desire for privacy and anonymity is to be respected.

Principle 4: Accuracy
Members agree to recommend those research methods which are appropriate to the research goals, and to avoid conducting research which would be inaccurate or misleading. Members must be accurate in all aspects of research and refrain from purporting or suggesting levels of accuracy which are greater than is warranted by the nature of the research. Members shall report and interpret their results in a manner that represents these results accurately and acknowledges such limitations on the research which, in the absence of such acknowledgement, might mislead.

Principle 5: Ethical Practice
Members shall at all times act honestly, ethically and fairly in their dealings with all members of the public, clients, employers, sub-contractors and each other. They will refrain from activities which show disrespect or otherwise unjustifiably demean, criticize or disparage others.

Principle 6: Client Rights
Members shall protect the interests of their clients and clientsí rights to confidentiality. Members shall ensure that records of research will be held for the appropriate periods and that these will be protected from theft, misuse and inadvertent destruction.

Principle 7: Lawfulness
Members, in their conduct of research, shall abide by the prevailing provincial, national and international legislation which applies to the research they conduct.

Principle 8: Competency
Members agree to uphold high standards of general competency in the design, execution, analysis, reporting, interpretation and consulting phases of all research.

Principle 9: Familiarity
Members will undertake to keep themselves, their co-workers and clients informed about the code of conduct to avoid breaches of it, and will undertake also to inform themselves of any recent changes made by assessing, where necessary, such sources as the PMRS website or other material.

Principle 10: Professionalism
Members commit themselves to the goal of seeking to continuously improve themselves in their chosen profession.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy and security of any information requested by Abacus Bridge or a member of our staff, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@abacusbridge.com.

If you have any questions regarding an online survey or any technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at tech@abacusbridge.com.

You can find out more about our company on our home page. We are members of the PMRS (Professional Market Research Society) and the AMA (American Marketing Association).